RASA Player is a Standalone Digital Audio Transport and Streamer to Play Hi Resolution and Lossless audio files . All standard audio file formats like FLAC, WAV, MP3 , OGG WEBM etc are supported up to 24but/196KHz. You can control the Player from Front Panel, IR Remote, Dedicated Smartphone APP or using the inbuilt webui.

You can Play files on a USB Drive and from local area network.

  • Windows Server Shares
  • NAS Servers over SAMBA (SMB) or NFS Shares.
  • UPNP/DLNA Servers like minidlna.

Stream Music Directly from Mobiles , Tablets and PCs.

  • Android Devices (BubbleUPNP)
  • IOS Devices (ShAirPort)
  • Over Network or Bluetooth.
  • Acts like a UPNP Renderer or Wireless Speaker.
  • Acts like a Bluetooth Speaker.

Stream Music from Streaming Services Like

  • Internet Radios,
  • Spotify
  • Gaana
  • Savan etc


Designed for Easy and Standalone Use
Front Panel Display with Jog Dial.
IR Remote. (No need for smartphone).

Designed for Convenience.
Dedicated Native Remote Control App on the Google Play Store.
Control the Player over Mobile Phone.
Control the Player from any Web browser from a PC/Phone/Tab etc.

Technical Specs

DescriptionHi Resolution Music Player and Streamer
CPU and Memory Cortex-A53 (ARMv8) 64-bit SoC @ 1.4GHz
Display4 Inch Color LCD at 800×480 Resolution.
Front Pannel
Power, Jog Dial, Buttons for Back and Play.
Remote ControlIR Full Function Remote Control.
Android AppDiscover and Control the Player over WIFI using Dedicated Android APP
Web UIControl over any Web Browser.
DAC 384 kHz/32bit high-quality Master DAC PCM5122
DAC SNR is 112dBDAC THD+N @ – 1dBFS are –93dB
Clock Latest generation ULTRA low phase noise NDK oscillators (SDA series)
Digital Out
SPDIF over RCA/BNC out.
Analog Out
Full Scale Output of DAC is 2.1VrmsDynamic Range of DAC is 112dB
USB StorageSupports Hard Disk and Flash Disks or Solid State Drives with Linux of Windows File systems.
NASSupports NAS Servers with Windows Shares / SAMBA / SMB / Linux NFS exports.
UPNP/DLNASupports UPNP and DLNA (minidlna) Servers
Can Act as a UPNP Renderer to receive streams from UPNP Players like BubbleUPNP App.
(With Optional Dongle)
Can act as a Bluetooth Speaker , Pair and Play Content from any Mobile Device.
Streaming ServicesHas Built in support to play content from any WebSite via App Control.Spotify, Gana, Savan etc.
Internet RadioSupported Via Rasa Web Player, Control via App.
Plugin SupportPlugins for Spotify Client, SHAirport etc are available. Third party support to add other Streaming Services.
Supported File FormatsWAV, MP3, M4A, FLAC, OGG, OPUS, WEBM, WMA, AAC.
Power Source220v
Dimensions300x250x100 (mm WxLxH). (Not Including the Feet)

Optional Wifi and Bluetooth Dongles. I2S Over HDMI Cards.