Pre Amplifier

When we connected just the DAC to power amplifiers , we found that in some cases due to mismatches in impedances’ ,transparency was affected ,some frequencies were attenuated , noise and distortion were also noticed . To alleviate this issue we decided to add a PreAmp between the DAC and the Power amp. We also noticed that when we use the digital volume control in the DAC using the ALSA mixer the control was as smooth and detailed as using an analog volume pot.

We are using two stage amplification using audiophile grade
Burr Brown OPA2134 opamp, resistors and capacitors . The first stage is a fixed gain stage which feeds to the pot this feed the second stage. Since it a dual mono stage we were able to achieve very low cross-talk.

Chassis and Front Pannel

After trying various options we settled on a 10 mm thick aluminium plate for the front panel. The Chassis would be made from 1 mm steel plate. We went thru many iterations to finally settle on the design that everyone liked.

Here are some of the iterations.

Previous Iterations

Sliver Version
Panel with BW LCD
With Monochrome Display
Silver version
Version With Color TFT LCD.

Machined Aluminium Push Buttons

Machined Aluminium Feet

Machined Aluminium Knobs
Laser Cut Chassis
3D Printed Front Panel USB Holder.
3D Printer for Prototypes
Engraver, for Logo Engraving.