Bluetooth, Google Chrome Cast Support,

After going thru internal discussion about if we
need to include BT audio receiver we found that in the
last 5 years BT has changed so much and will continue to change.
If we include it inside the chassis we would most
defiantly obsolete our hardware in the next 3 years when
better BT technology like BT HD or the next version APTx
comes along. So we decided to include BT as a plugable external
component. This way when a better BT module comes along
we can always easily replace it.

We decided to do the same with google chrome cast audio too.
This is also available as an external component.

The Player uses its preamp switching circuit to seamlessly switch
between the internal digital transport and external devices
like BT module, Chrome cast Module, Airplay etc.

From the end-user perspective all these modules are integrated
into a seamless software interface.

The added benefit of using external modules is that we don’t
have ugly antennas poking out and we get very good WiFi and
Bluetooth signals.