Welcome to Rasa Audio .

We at Rasa have set ourselves a  mission to bring Great Audiophile Gear to Everyone.

As our first endeavor, we are building a Flagship Digital Audio File Transport and player. The player can play files from 128k MP3s to FLACS and DSD/DXDs up to 32bits, 384Khz. The player can play files from USB disks and stream files from uPNP servers on NAS. The stream will be avaialbe on SPDIF and TOSLink to feed it your DAC. We will also have variants with DAC + Bluetooth (BT4 with aptx) + PreAmp with analog Volume control.

UI will be completely controlled by a standard IR remote, no need for Smartphone or Keyboards or Mice or Touch Screens. From the Listening position you will be able to change tracks albums using the remote instantly. No need to unlock the phone open the app wait for it to connect to just skip to the next track. I would be as simple to use as a CD player. Just plug in your music on thumb drive into the USB port and use the remote.


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