Welcome to RASA Audio

Have you EVER felt that GREAT Audiophile gear is ACCESSIBLE TO only a few ?

We at Rasa Audio have set ourselves a  mission to bring Great Audiophile Gear to Everyone. Today we have a lot of beautifully composed and recorded audio content , but still most  of us use mediocre audio gear to listen to them. We are unable to truly appreciate the music and all the effort the artists , mixers and producers have put in producing them. Our goal is to change that.

As our first endeavor, we are building a Flagship Digital Audio File Transport and player. The player can play files from MP3s to FLACS and DSD/DXDs up to 32bits, 384Khz. The player can play files from USB disks and stream files from uPNP servers on NAS. The stream will be avaialbe on SPDIF and TOSLink to feed it your DAC. We will also have variants with DAC + Bluetooth + PreAmp with analog Volume control and ones with a built in Class A/B  or Class D Amplifiers.

Usage Simplicity

Ever Wish your Audio Streamer was as easy to use as your CD Player ?

Our design has been primarily focused on making the Player easy to use for non computer and non smartphone users. We have noticed that most streamer User Interfaces are designed for computer and smartphone users, in fact some streamers are not even usable without a smartphone. Using Our Player is just as simple as using a CD player. Just Plug in USB Drive and start enjoying the Music.

We have taken a Simplicity first approach. All the features of the Our Player are accessible from the Front panel controls or a simple and easy to use handheld remote. This allows anyone who is comfortable with CD Player style interface to easily play and stream content. 

We also have an easy to use App for Smart Phones and tablet users to control the player over WiFi.

Our player offers ability to browse and play your entire collection right from the listening position . You don’t even need to see the Front panel display.

We will keep you posted on our progress….

If you have any questions or want to beta test our player please feel free to contact us at  support  at  rasaaudio dot com.

Please check our our blog for updates .